CLICKS invites Higher Education Institutions to submit institutional best practices

CLICKS in partnership with the MENA Association of University Presidents (MENA-AUP) invites Higher Education Institutions to document and transfer institutional best practices and case studies to promote the sharing of experiences and ‘know-how’ across the region. Currently submissions against on the following streams are welcomed: Leadership Development in Higher Education Governance in Higher Education Quality […]

Discounted rates for CLICKS Capacity Building Programs

CLICKS offers MENA AUP members 25% discount to participate in the capacity building programs.

Announcement of MENA AUP first Board of Directors

The MENA AUP is privileged to announce the first newly formed Board of Directors.

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Welcome to the MENA-AUP Association of University Presidents

The Middle East and North Africa Association of University Presidents (MENA-AUP) is founded as an independent, non-political, non- for profit, professional and academic regional association of chief executive officers from Higher Education Institutions within the Middle East and Northern African region. The Association s primary purpose is to strengthen interaction, collaboration, dialogue and the exchange of experiences among members and to act as the regional voice of higher education >>Read More

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  • Dr. Mohammad Amin Mahmoud Awwad

    President, Philadelphia University, Jordan

    My motive for joining MENA-AUP is to contribute to making Higher Education in the MENA countries democratic, equitable, affordable, informed by best international practice, accountable, and sustainable. I also expect the Association to work toward establishing a MENA – EURO consortium of open courseware, and a common area of education, which I hope will enhance MENA universities academic, research, and technology ranking among distinguished world University.

  • Professor Farouk Kamoun

    President, L’Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Management, Tunisia

    Universities around the world and especially in the MENA-AUP region are faced with many challenges: increasing numbers of students with new pedagogical attitudes and requirements, increased costs, problems of employment of graduates, lack of close interaction with the economic world.  A growing international competition enabled by the Internet and more recently the MOOCs and the the international expansion of major universities to become world players, etc.  To address these complex challenges presidents of the universities in the region should intensify their cooperation and share their visions, experiences and good practices. MENA-UPA creation will fill a gap and provide the adequate structure to encourage this process. We are convinced  that MENA-UPA will play a very important role to improve the present and shape the future of our universities.

  • Kamalain-shaath
    Dr. Kamalain shaath

    President ,Islamic University of Gaza , Palestine

    It is well known that Education is the main vehicle for development. In this regards universities play double role; one directly towards development and the other towards making education more effective. As a World Bank report states the 23% of the MENA area population live on less than $2 a day, I believe that MENA AUP becomes a necessity.

  • Abood-Al-Sawafi
    Dr. Abood Al Sawafi

    Vice chancellor –A’Sharqiyah University

    I am proud to be a founding member of the MENA Association of University Presidents and feel this would be nuclei for a forum to network with like minded colleagues who share the same concerns and learn from each other thru dissemination of best practices. Mt aspiration is that the association would encourage sharing experiences in the new trends in HE, students mobility within the region, staff exchange. I wish this genuine effort all the best.