MENA-AUP Activities

The MENA-AUP relies on its various members’ dedication and commitment to achieve its different strategic goals; as such it has defined a portfolio of activities for itself. Timelines and targets for such activities will be detailed in the Association’s Strategic Plan for 2014-2017. Such activities shall be conducted within the capacity of the Association’s financial and human resources and will reported upon regularly in Annual General Assembly Meetings as per the related articles set forth in this constitution.

a) Networking and Sharing Experience

  • Encourage and expand interaction and collaboration among members of the Association through organizing events and meetings and setting up virtual communities of practice.
  • Establish relationships and partnerships with other similar Associations representing different geographies as well as with international organizations and leading institutions supporting leadership work in higher education in the MENA region.
  • Develop links and establish relationships with key regional government bodies and other educational bodies.
  • Encourage the transfer of best practices and experiences among members of the Association through the setting up of an annual forum and organizing ongoing webinars, workshops and seminars.
  • Encourage the establishment of special interest groups tackling specific aspects related to higher education.
  • Use social networking to build communities of practice through which new ideas can be presented and debated and actions to resolve issues and challenges can be collectively made.

b) Awareness Campaigns

Raise awareness on key issues and trends of relevance to Higher Education in the region through publications and organizing activities and awareness campaigns on key issues and topics influencing higher education in the region. These include issues related to:

  • Quality and continuous improvement
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Teaching and learning
  • Technology integration
  • Research in higher education
  • Governance
  • Leadership development

c) Policy and Strategy Development & Support

  • Provide advice and support to institutions in establishing institutional policies, strategies, frameworks and internal systems in the core areas of focus of the Association.
  • Provide ongoing support to institutions in their quest for excellence through the provision of regular advice and input.

d) Leadership Development

  • Conduct regular leadership development capacity building programs.
  • Offer individual mentorship and coaching to higher education leaders.
  • Work closely with different members to establish strategies for preparing and grooming future leaders.

e) Research and Innovation

  • Identify the Association’s research priorities and establish mechanisms for the promotion and selection of research projects.
  • Conduct collaborative research and development work in all different core areas of focus of the Association.
  • Solicit funding and allocated budgets for the support of research.
  • Disseminate research and development projects findings to various members of the Association and beyond through publishing reports, newsletters and articles in journals and professional magazines.