MENA-AUP Conferences & Events

1- General Assembly Meetings

The MENA Association of University Presidents (MENA-AUP) organizes its Annual General Assembly Meeting every year to coincide with the MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum organized by the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) . The General Assembly meeting will provide an opportunity for members to discuss latest development and trends in Higher Education and issues of common interest to various members of the association. The General Assembly meeting will also discuss future plans of the association and key areas of focus.

2- The MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum

The MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum offers a platform through which emerging developments related to Higher Education and pertinent to the MENA region are discussed in a regional and international context. It seeks to engage academic leaders in an interactive panel through which they meet annually to discuss latest trends, developments and issues pertinent to the field; share experiences and identify future directions for higher education.

The Forum is intended at academic leaders from higher education institutions including Presidents, Rectors, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors and Provosts of universities from within the MENA region and beyond. The forum also invites educational policy makers and leaders of government and non-government organizations that contribute to shaping and advancing the future of higher education.

The forum will be announced in January of each year and will be structured around a theme of common interest to the region.
Overall, the Forum aims at achieving the following broad objectives:

  • To discuss development, trends and issues of major common concern to both global and regional higher education.
  • To stimulate and strengthen academic cooperation between higher education institutions.
  • To share best practices and know-how and learn from each other experiences.
  • To propose and discuss new ideas and if appropriate present them in the form of a set of recommendations for educational policy and decision makers.
  • To form a “think-tank” for the future of higher education in the region.
  • To regionally promote the concept of academic excellence and enable institutions to reach a world class status.

All active members of the MENA-AUP will receive 25% discount on the Forum Registration Fee every year.

3- Other Conferences and Events

The MENA- AUP will announce regular conferences, seminars and meetings organized by institutions whose leaders are members of the association as well as other events organized by partner institutions.

The Association may also co-organize events with its various members and partners’ institutions.

Special arrangements will be discussed for members of the association and will be announced accordingly.

4- Webinars

The MENA-AUP will organize a series of webinars every year that tackles key issue of interest to the members of the organization, such webinars will be announced in advance and registration will be open to members of the association.

5- Project-related events

As part of its project work MENA-AUP may organize regular events (conferences, workshops etc.) that are designed specifically for universities and their respective leaders to collect and share examples of good practice. Such events may be hosted by members’ institutions or by the Association itself.

Initially, the following focus-groups are proposed:

  • Interest group 1: Technology integration in higher education
  • Interest group 2: Quality assurance and continuous improvement

Please contact us via
if there shall be interest in joining any of the above proposed interest groups.

A total of five members are required in order to be able to set the interest group.