Exchanges & Best Practices Transfer

1- Best Practices Transfer

The MENA-AUP invites members of the association and beyond to document and transfer institutional best practices and case studies to promote the sharing of experiences and ‘know-how’.

Currently submissions against on the following streams are welcomed:

  • Leadership Development in Higher Education
  • Governance in Higher Education
  • Quality and Accreditation
  • Technology integration in Higher Education
  • Research in Higher Education
  • Capacity building and human capital development in Higher Education
  • Student centricity in Higher Education

The submitted case studies shall provide best practices and/or lessons learnt that other institutions can adapt for their own institutions.

Generic Guidelines for submissions:

  • All best practices shall include an abstracts consisting of no more than 150 words. The abstract shall clearly indicate the purpose, findings and implications of the case study presented.
  • The actual case study should be between 6 to 12 pages long excluding references and appendices, submitted in word format in a single-spaced, 12-point Arial style; title centered, in bold and all in capital letters; text and sub-titles aligned left and shall be sent to
  • The title page should be separate and should include full name(s) of authors, affiliations, with city, country, phone, and email information.
  • The case study itself shall provide:
    • a background of the institution where the case study took place.
    • The context the case study tends to addresses; in other words the problem that prompted the initiative or the reason why the initiative was undertaken with possible examples illustrated.
    • The goals and outcomes intended to be achieved by the institutions.
    • The actual implementation strategy.
    • The results and outcome of the implementation strategy.
  • References if used must be in Harvard style and carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.
  • Please use up to 10 key words that describe the case study for web searches in your manuscript. This will enable database search.
  • Figures and tables should appear within the text of the case study and are numbered consecutively.
  • The figure or table number and description should appear left-justified in 10-point size at the top.
  • Legends should be short and define any acronyms, abbreviations or symbols used.

All submitted best practices will regularly be reviewed, edited, compiled and made available through the Association’s Best Practice Database.

2- Exchanges

The MENA-AUP will support the exchange of scholars and experts across member institutions to promote knowledge sharing, such opportunities will regularly be updated on the Association’s website.