Membership Application & Fees

Application Process

Individuals may apply for regular membership by filling the online n Membership Application Form. All Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors within a maximum of 30 days from submission. If an applicant complies with all the membership requirements and is endorsed by the Board of Directors, a written notification of acceptance will be sent to the individual who will be requested to complete the membership by issuing the due membership fee.

For inquiries and other information, please contact us at

Membership Fee

The membership fee for the year 2013-4 is as follows:

Individual Regular Membership

  • One year: $300 USD
  • Three Years: $750 USD

Individual Regular Retired membership

  • One year: $200 USD
  • Three Years: $550 USD

Membership Termination

Membership to the Association ends if one of the following cases occurs:

  • Death of a member
  • Withdrawal from the Association through sending a written notice.
  • Failing to pay the membership dues after sending two reminders.
  • By expulsion from the Board of Directors of the Association, for acting against the constitution and laws of the Association.