MENA Strategic Goals

  • To provide a regional network for university leaders across the region to share new thinking, exchange leadership and management experiences and promote collaboration and networking.
  • To strengthen collaboration with regional and international organizations and institutions.
  • To effectively contribute to the development of higher education within the region through supporting members institutions in their journey towards excellence.
  • To influence policy making and provide leadership for effective policy development which will strengthen academic quality, promote access and inclusion, foster regional stewardship and economic progress, and facilitate educational innovation.
  • To provide professional development opportunities for current leaders of higher education and develop strategies and approaches to nurturing new leaders who will contribute to the future of education.
  • To encourage and support research and innovation in the field and ensure universities from within the region continue to be sustainable in today‚Äôs complex and competitive global environment.
  • To build a community of practice where members can discuss latest developments and their implications on higher education in the region, and which continuously present and debate new ideas and innovations.