Types of MENA-AUP Memberships

By joining the MENA- AUP, members will be able to:

  • The MENA- AUP is an association of university chief executives from higher education institutions in the MENA region and neighboring countries.
  • Regular membership is open to current and retired leaders of higher education within the MENA regiona; including Presidents, Rectors, Chancellors, CEOs and Vice Chancellors of public and private universities and colleges that are accredited and recognized in their own countries.

Regular Membership

This type of membership is open to present, former and retired university Presidents, Rectors, Chancellors, CEOs and Vice-Chancellors of universities and colleges from within the MENA region and neighboring countries, whose institutions are recognized by Ministries of Higher Education or related bodies within their own respective countries.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership to the MENA-AUP is awarded selectively to distinguished leaders who have made distinctive contributions in higher education and who have a track record in supporting leaders in achieving regional and/ or international goals. All founding members of the Association shall receive a ‘life-time’ honorary membership to the MENA-AUP.

Mutual Membership Agreement

The MENA-AUP may enter into arrangements with other regional and international organizations engaged in similar activities with a view to arranging reciprocal membership.